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1. Go Green

HelloLoads planted trees at Sardarbaug on January 2017. In a viewpoint to protect Environment the first initiative, byTecSo Global Foundation was to plant trees. Planted trees like Asopalav, Neem, and Banyan Tree etc.

2. Support Drivers

We are committed to Safety. Operating safely, responsibly and reliably is a key principle in HelloLoads Code of Conduct.Given that India accounts for the largest number of road accidents in the world, the Company has been focused on

As part of CSR Road safety measures, we are promoting a campaign for safe 4 wheeler riding. CSR will promote Road safety kiosks and campaign engaging Tesco Global Foundation in fun-filled educational activities like customized snakes &ladders game on the theme of road safety, wearing drunken goggles to understand how alcohol impairs riding ability and attempting RTO Sample Test for learner’s license. Volunteers will also take a pledge on their commitment to Road Safety. Multiple videos on road safety are created to educate our truck drivers

3. Work Healthy

Good management of work health safety and the environment is an essential part of doing business today. At CSR, we regard management of work health safety and environment as an integral and fundamentally important part of our business. We believe that all injuries, occupational illnesses, and environmental incidents can be prevented.

Our managers are held accountable for work health safety and environmental performance, and all employees are expected to take personal responsibility for their actions, and to be involved in improvement initiatives and developing and setting standards.

We have adopted a common approach across the company to managing work health safety and environment. All businesses are required to implement these standards. There are strict policies for employees to ensure the safety and well-being of all people on CSR sites.

We recognise that we get the best results by involving the people that do the work in analyzing risks and defining the best way of doing the work.

Saving of Resources

The theme of "conservation of natural resources" is seamlessly blended into our ways of thinking, planning and working. We strive on saving fuel by choosing the shortest routes to the destination point and taking maximum advantage of shared transportation. We, thus, came up with a revolutionary concept of transportation via our humongous specially designed Household Carriers, which allow two consignments' transportation at a time to the destination place. Our drivers are trained in such a way that they use the minimum required oil while driving the trucks so that we do not waste the natural resources in any possible way.